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i'm the drama king and queen of blackwell

HMD || IC Contact post
Tracking threads below.

♠ Max Caulfield; Life is Strange (video game)
♠ Gender/Sex: f/f
♠ Orientation: bisexual, even though my canon is pretty much Chloesexual. However, you never know what happens in memes! If you see her there and there are no specifics, go for it!
♠ Canon: any point, or past episode 5.

♣ backtagging: yes!
♣ threadhopping: no problem!
♣ fourthwalling: depends.
♣ Offensive subjects (elaborate): ask first.

♣ Hugging this character: yes.
♣ Kissing this character: yes, however, her mind is set on someone.
♣ Flirting with this character: same as above.
♣ Adult content with this character: no.
♣ Fighting with this character: yes, but she's not the kind of person who would get into a physical fight.
♣ Killing this character: no.
♣ Using telephaty/mind reading on this character: yes.

♣ Prose is fine!

♣ ask here or dm for anything else you may be curious about! Mun is a esl so she's not clear on some terms used in the english speaking rpg communities.

These are the choices I usually go by, however, I may change to according to the other mun's preferences.

ep 1

• Reported Nathan.
• Comforted Victoria.
• Intervened to help Kate.
• Hid and took the blame for Chloe.

ep 2

• Told Kate to go to the police.
• Answered Kate's call.
• Tried to shoot Frank.
• Saved Kate.
• Blamed Nathan.

ep 3

• Took the money.
• Kissed Chloe.
• Sided with Chloe.
• Kept Pompidou safe.

ep 4

• Refused Chloe's request.
• Stopped Warren from beating up Nathan.
• Victoria believed the warning.

ep 5

• Sacrificied Chloe. (T___T)